GlobeQuest Travel Club Highlights Diverse Events in Cabo for Early 2016

Cabo San Lucas Cultural Circuit tops local events.

events in Cabo San Lucas

Enjoy the diversity of events in Cabo with GlobeQuest Travel Club

GlobeQuest Travel Club is pleased to highlight events that will take place in Cabo San Lucas during the early part of the New Year, 2016. A wealth of annual events take place on a recurring basis in addition to the special, one-time-only happenings that are unique to each calendar year.

For 2016, travelers and members of GlobeQuest Travel Club can look forward to dozens of incredible cultural, sporting, adventure and artistic events that do not slow down during the winter months. The studios tour in nearby Todos Santos, along with the ever-popular San Jose del Cabo Art Walk are just two of the area’s biggest attractions right after New Year’s Eve is finished.

GlobeQuest Travel Club wants this year’s tourists to know about a unique art event that is called the “Cultural Circuit.” It’s really more like a gigantic art show that occurs every Saturday from noon until almost midnight. The Cultural Circuit takes place on the marina boardwalk in Cabo San Lucas and features activities and exhibits all day long. Local artists are the focus of the Cultural Circuit, which showcases their sculptures, collages, paintings and crafts.

In addition to the art show itself, GlobeQuest Travel Club wants tourists to know that there are many other activities connected with the main event: tequila and wine tasting sessions (which are always very popular), folk dancing and live music, great food from local restaurants, and many cultural workshops for visitors who are not content to just watch, but want to learn first-hand about the ways of the artists.

GlobeQuest Travel Club representatives say that travelers should keep in mind that the event times could change due to various circumstances but they will keep everyone informed if any of the Cultural Circuit programs have a change of schedule. Visitors to Cabo San Lucas during the first few months of the year are always quite surprised to see the number of indoor and outdoor events that continue to take place due to the wonderful, temperate weather.

According to GlobeQuest Travel Club, tourists have endless choices when it comes to spending an afternoon at the beach, watching the surfers, or checking out the windsurfing contests. Those who like the more cultural happenings are right at home too.

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