GlobeQuest Travel Club offers top 2 reasons to visit Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

GlobeQuest Travel Club says Cabo Pulmo’s activities and history is worth a roadtrip.

Experience Cabo Pulmo with GlobeQuest

The next time you’re enjoying the vacation of your dreams with GlobeQuest Travel Club, don’t just stay near your home-away-from-home. The Baja Peninsula has many beautiful and exciting places to explore.

One such location, Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, is just 60 miles up the coast. It stands as a prime example of marine conservation in Mexico.

An hour-long drive may not sound ideal, but GlobeQuest Travel Club offers these top two reasons you should venture out and explore Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. This park is so amazing we believe you’ll only need two reasons.

A variety of activities: When you visit Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, you will find many water-based activities for your day trip. GlobeQuest Travel Club shares that the clear water allows for amazing views of the coral reefs below the surface for snorkelers. Scuba divers can get up close and personal with the sea life. Kayakers also can enjoy the park, getting close up sightings of the nearby sea lion colony. Also, Cabo Pulmo is a wonderful spot for whale watching between January and March. There are some equipment rental businesses nearby, or you can sign up with a tour guide or group in Cabo San Lucas.

Conservation history: Cabo Pulmo is the location of the oldest of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America. GlobeQuest Travel Club shares that experts estimate the reef is approximately 20,000 years old. Its recent history has earned it the moniker “Ocean Miracle.” By the 1990s, overfishing had all but decimated the reef. Thankfully in 1995 Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo declared the area surrounding Cabo Pulmo a national marine park. This allowed conservation efforts to take place with the support of the local populace, which included a ban on fishing in the park’s waters. Fortunately, within 10 years the 17,560-acre swath of marine and coastal habitat has seen a 463 percent increase in the biomass of fish.

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