Globequest Vacation Club Highlights Best Sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas

best attractions in los cabos

Start planning a winter trip to Cabo San Lucas with GlobeQuest Travel Club

Cabo San Lucas is a top vacation destination when it comes to the country of Mexico, and Globequest Vacation Club shares this is because of the variety of beautiful landscapes available for travelers to enjoy during their trips. With so many beautiful sights to see, it’s no wonder so many people hope to spend time here each year. Here are a few ideas about some of the top places you should check out during your next visit.

  1. Arch of Cabo San Lucas: Also known as El Arco De Cabo San Lucas, these stunning rock formations are one of the most popular and iconic symbols of the city. Many rent a boat for the afternoon or evening hours to enjoy seeing this rare sight, but taking a trek on land to check it out is just as fun for those who don’t want to shell out the extra cash.
  2. El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve: This area of protected land is a great place to learn more about all of the ecosystems that make up Cabo San Lucas. Taking a tour of this natural wildlife area with an expert guide informs travelers of all of the different flora, fauna and of course animal species that are only native to this area, something that is unique, education and entertaining.
  3. Cabo Del Sol Ocean Course: This gorgeous golf course is perfect for all those hoping to get an athletic activity in while also doing some serious sightseeing. Globequest Vacation Club shares travelers will enjoy checking out the expertly designed green by one of golf’s legendary course creators, Jack Nicklaus. The course also uses nature in unique ways to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Planning your dream Cabo San Lucas vacation has never been easier than it is with Globequest Vacation Club. Use these ideas to plan your trip out accordingly, but no nature lover will be disappointed in these top sightseeing picks.

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GlobeQuest Timeshare Highlights Incredible U.S. Destinations to Travel to this Fall

GlobeQuest Timeshare is a worldwide leader in vacation ownership, features its top picks for sunny vacations in the U.S. this fall.

best travel destinations in the united states

Traveling to the US this fall with GlobeQuest Timeshare

Globe Quest Timeshare knows that winter hit hard this year, and many of its members are longing to feel the warmth of sunshine. GlobeQuest Timeshare has listed its top three vacation spots for those seeking the sun in fall this year.

OAHU, HAWAII: The allure of sandy beaches, luaus, tropical fruits and the slow-paced island life are what makes Oahu a natural choice for a major dose of vitamin D. Hawaii, of course, it is popular for many things; visitors are guaranteed to find something they enjoy on the islands no matter what their tastes are.

Visitors are encouraged to take in some of the Native traditions such as a luau, or watching the exotic Hawaiian dancing and music. Another “must do” is taking a walk around historic Honolulu. There is much history to explore and the sights are awe-inspiring. Globe Quest Timeshare knows that mixing in sightseeing as well as beach lounging and water sports will make this destination an easy choice.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: Southern California has so much to offer visitors. It features a plethora of activity and entertainment opportunities for the whole family. San Diego has world-class museums, the San Diego Zoo, Sea World and a Safari Park; not to mention the amusement parks. Its close proximity to both Mexico and Los Angeles make San Diego seem even more jam-packed with things to do.

A natural choice for relaxing on the beach, surfing and kayaking, a vacation in San Diego is sure to please everyone. GlobeQuest Timeshare suggests vacationers take in some of the museums in the area as well as the other activities. The Air and Space Museum is one of the popular themed museums that San Diego has to offer.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA: Shopping, dining, and nightlife combined with fantastic beaches and water sports put this on the map as the place to be this fall. For those not into the party scene, Fort Lauderdale has other fun and interesting things to do as well, air boat everglades tours, indoor surfing, alligator tours and deep sea fishing tours.

Globe Quest Timeshare is sure its members will enjoy whichever destination they choose. For more information on luxurious accommodations at any one of these locals, contact GlobeQuest today.

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